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The Trličova Residence is an example of a residential building with privacy. Its town planning solution responds to the character of the lot, its shape, size and orientation towards the cardinal points. Its draft proposal also takes into account the proximity of the Jičínka River whose riverbed is regulated and, according to the actual documentation, is able to hold the volume of centennial floodings.

Till this moment, the concerned area has had the character of a park surrounding the local kindergarten. The final layout of the outer areas of the resort is also going to have the form of a park.

Two five-storey buildings which are square from the top view are placed on the lot in a way not to obstruct their respective views and also in order to preserve relaxation areas around the house to an optimal extent. It is a composition of two mutually settled cubes whose height corresponds approximately to the height of a neighboring apartment building.

The two houses are oriented parallelly to the Jičínka River which is the most important line on the site. It was an intention not to make the two buildings stand aligned in one construction line, but make them leap aside from one another in order to enhance their blending with the greenery around. The effort to preserve the existing high-grown greenery and the interconnection of greenery with the residential function to the maximal extent resulted into division of the planned number of apartments into two houses. The intention was that the greenery – garden would not just surround one mighty monoblock, but snake between the two objects. The houses measure 20.6 x 20.6 metres and are square from the top view, each of them having five floors.

Parking spaces for both objects are going to be located below the ground level and it is going to be possible to enter both houses through the underground floor which is going to contain cellar boxes for individual apartments. Parking garages are planned exclusively for the residents of the complex, they are situated between the houses and their roof is going to form the garden of the residential area. Thanks to underground parking it is possible to preserve the park with prevailing green areas in the above-ground part of the exterior.

From the side of the Jičínka River, the block of flats will be separated by a one-meter supporting wall which will help level the terrain above the underground garages and create the privacy of a residential complex.

We are currently processing the building permit documentation for the building.

— Pospíšil / architect / atelier-r