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Our construction of two residential houses included in the Trlicova residential estate project in Nový Jičín has provoked heated discussion and has caused the locals to worry. Novojičínský deník pointed out this situation in mid-September. The planned buildings are to be situated in Trlicova street which is located near the Jičínka river. The new appartments should be built on the site of a former kindergarten. Local residents are worried that the quiet neighbourhood will be disrupted and green areas will be reduced. The project architect Miroslav Pospíšil has reacted to the worries by assuring not only the local residents that the new building will be carefully incorporated into the existing buildings around it.

The mayor of Nový Jičín has also spoken about the green areas. According to him, the green areas are important for the town therefore this area should not lose any of them. Part of the green area behind the building will be preserved, based on our design. Another issue is the solution of traffic during the construction period and afterwards and also the issue of parking. Architect Miroslav Pospíšil has explained that traffic might increase by about 3 percent over the next 12-18 months and then it should return to normal.

What do the municipal council members of Nový Jičín think of the project in spite of the worries of the local inhabitants? According to Ivan Týle (ODS), he liked the project and he believes that it can move the town forward. He adds that he thinks that the green areas should be preserved as much as possible. Council member Pavel Andrýsek (ČSSD) argues that: „I think that the result will not have such impact that is feared by the locals. Without tolerance there will be no development of this town.“ Our project wishes to meet the expectations of the town and therefore we are preparing plans to improve the situation. 


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