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Our project of the Trlicova Residence in Nový Jičín, which emphasizes its privacy, housing surrounded by greenery and high-standard flats, attracted the attention of the Czech Television.

Our project which will create 40 high-standard housing units with plenty of parking spaces was spoken about on TV on 19 September 2017 in their Regional News in connection with a petition of local people against  these new buildings. The result of the petition was that construction of the Trlicova Residence was postponed for several months.

The reason that made the local residents initiate the petition were their concerns about possible disturbance of a quiet city district with a high number of new flats and also concerns about possible depletion of greenery. However, the architect of the renowned architectural studio atelier-r and the investor of our project both managed to disprove the concerns of the local residents. According to architect Miroslav Pospíšil, the project our residential houses in Trlicova Street is in favour of maintaining the maximum amount of existing greenery. Silvie Szolnokyová, who is the investor of the buildings, added: "If there is a need to cut down any trees, thee each one of them will always be replaced by two new ones. The underground parking which we have chosen despite its considerable financial and technical demands is beneficial not only for the residents but also for the surroundings of the buildings." The Mayor of Nový Jičín also expressed his opinion on the construction of new flats and believes that there will be a compromise that will lead to mutual satisfaction. Which is what we are trying to achieve, too.


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