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The objective of the construction of the Trlicova residence was introduced at a public meeting

On Monday, 31 July 2017, a public discussion on the construction of the Trlicova residential project took place in the town hall of Nový Jičín. The representatives of the town of Nový Jičín, accompanied by heads of departments of the town hall and several town representativesand also approximately fifty citizens were present at the meeting.

The aim of the meeting was to present the developer’s project of the Trlicova Residence to the citizens and the closest neighbors to the construction. Representatives of the KS Residential Properties developer company have introduced a project plan and corrected a lot of misleading information concerning supposed height of the buildings, conservation of greenery, terrain modification and demolition of the original nursery. "Concerns about terrain modification are unnecessary. During the construction, there will be no increase in the terrain or changes in the reliefs of the current landscape," commented Silvie Szolnokyová on behalf of the investor.

At the end of the meeting there was some time to answer the participants' questions concerning both transport accessibility of the new residential area and the flood protection measures or possible shadowing of neighboring houses. "The construction of Trlicova Residence will not disturb the current transport accessibility or parking possibilities in the area because the project will have its own underground garage. Most of the original greenery will also be preserved and new vegetation will be planted to emphasize this unique park location," explained Silvie Szolnokyová from KS Residential Properties.

Another public meeting with the investor is planned on Thursday 12 October. Compromise proposals to increase the comfort of neighboring areas will be discussed there. The residential project Trlicova introduces 40 new apartments with a layout of 1 room + kitchen to 5 rooms + kitchen in two residential houses with an interconnected underground garage. People interested in this project will have a choice of modern apartments with practical front gardens, balconies or spacious terraces.


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